Abstraction has always been part of my creative process. Indeed, although I have painted often in a naturalistic way, I have also made abstract series almost at the same time. In fact, my abstract paintings have some sort of connection with my realistic works regarding the themes chosen. They even have similar strokes. This is because they have been developed according to comparable feelings to those I express through a figurative approach.

On this occasion, I show works of several sizes that belong to different series. One of the themes I have been inspired by is “life” in itself, with its shadows and lights. Another is “water” as a way to remember and connect with our origins. Besides the “body” as an expression of the psychological wounds. The “typhoon” theme is a metaphor for chaos. And, my recent paintings are inspired by “memories of the sea”. Finally, I show some works of small size that I painted in Japan and I especially like.

Spanish (resumen en español)
La abstracción siempre ha formado parte de mi proceso creativo, de modo que he creado series abstractas y figurativas casi al mismo tiempo. Expresan sentimientos similares e incluso tienen trazos parecidos. Uno de los temas que me han inspirado es la “vida” en sí misma, con sus sombras y luces. Otro es el “agua” como un modo de conectar con nuestros orígenes. También el “cuerpo” como expresión de las heridas psicológicas. El "tifón" como símbolo del caos. Y los "recuerdos del mar".

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