Amid the Coronavirus crisis, artists have captured moments beyond the limits of time and space that reveal the way they lived their lives during this time. Several narratives were at stake like isolation, emptiness, fear, disbelief, anger, desolation, self-determination, solidarity, perseverance, etc., shaping the way artists have represented this time in both the traditional sense of being compelled to express what they see as well as to reflect reality from an intimate and personal point of view.

The South Florida Latin American Photography Forum based in Miami, Florida, took on the challenge of compiling an archive of visual representations of the Coronavirus pandemic created by local and visiting artists. The online exhibition 305-COVID-19 has been organized by inviting several local artists to showcase their creative works of art and by having an open call to any artist experiencing this crisis in Miami. As a result, we are presenting this online exhibition as a collective historical representation of how this crisis was lived in Miami, which it might help us not to forget this time of distance we all had to experience and endure.

Curators: Grethel Morell, Liliam Domínguez Ph.D., Angela Valella
Sponsored and organized by the Sourh Florida Latin American Photography Forum (SoFLaFoto)

About South Florida Latin American Photography Forum
Instagram: @soflafoto

About the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum
Founded in May of 2020 by Miami-based photographer William Riera.
Focusing on the photographic works of artists living and/or working in Florida and other parts of the USA, the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum (SoFLaFoto) takes on the challenge of locating, compiling, organizing and sharing the information related to the works of photographers that have documented or are documenting the life of the Latin American community, and also the works of those who have documented or are documenting the Latin American region (Hispanic America, Brazil, and Haiti) through the many issues that are relevant to the community like memory, history, diaspora, immigration, identity, family, religion, gender issues, racism, addiction, inequality, LGBTQ rights, etc., all within the contemporary, documentary and street photography realms. In addition we collaborate with artists, curators, and researchers of Latin American photography and lens-based art works.

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