About The Exhibit


The Exhibit is unlike traditional e-commerce solutions or art listing websites, where individual artworks are simply listed online until they sell, with little or no context.

Instead, The Exhibit is purpose built for publishing complete exhibitions online, sharing exhibition themes, stories and ideas with global audiences, and selling artworks within the context of an exhibition.

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The Exhibit sprung out of our frustration that, even though we could see amazing exhibitions around the world being advertised on social media & online, we couldn’t actually experience them, see the works in them or easily collect the works we loved without jumping on a plane each time we discovered an exhibition we wanted to see.

And while working on a solution to solve this problem, we soon discovered that there was no truly open, accessible platform, for artists, curators, commercial galleries and cultural institutions to easily and cost-effectively bring their exhibitions online.

So, we created The Exhibit!


Our purpose with The Exhibit is to reduce the cost of exhibiting in a changing art world, make exhibitions truly accessible so art lovers can view exhibitions & purchase artworks regardless of where they are located, create a global platform which can easily be shared & leveraged on social media, create new ways of artistic & curatorial collaboration online and much more.


"Be the primary place for exhibiting original art and experiencing exhibitions on desktop, mobile and wearable devices."


Zinnia O’Brien / Co-Founder

Zinnia has a Masters of Museum Studies and has worked in internationally recognised Art Galleries and Museums in Australia and New Zealand in the Collection Management and Retail/Product Development fields. She is passionate about finding ways for galleries, museums and arts practitioners to remain viable and valued in the current under-funded Arts and Cultural environment.

Jarrah Robertson / Co-Founder

Jarrah is the Founder and CEO of App Media, a specialist mobile app, web and software marketing agency. Jarrah brings a breadth of knowledge in application development and marketing. He is an enthusiastic art gallery goer and is particularly interested in how technology can be used to develop better ways for young and contemporary artists to reach their global audience and pursue their passions.


If you have any questions about The Exhibit, don’t hesitate to get in touch or email us at enquire@theexhibit.io.